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These products which are made by local people and locally made with their unique 
and inheritable which means most of the products are handmade or at least some basic tools used, then turn them into good quality products by the use of proper design and management. We sale both domestic and 
Every piece of work are wholesale price or factory price. It's very poppular in 
domestic market Thailand . It provides such as soap carving, cartoon- graphic-or colour painted frame, 
Modern frame, Antique Mirror Frame, Carving Mirror Frame made from monkey and teak wood.
Therefore, you can enjoy the beauty bird singing in garden scraps wood handicraft.
Moreover, slipper made from cotton,silk,ganjung filamen, Handbag Painting, basketry work,Insects 
palm leaves Handicraft etc.

We are pleasure looking for Agent or buyer plenty order.We assure you will be

very satisfied. We garantee cheap, cheapest price and you can rely on us with quality

Soap Caving


Soap Carver


Soap Carving

 Night Bazaar Shop    


Chiangmai Thailand

     Is this a Soap? 

   To exclaim When saw Soap Carving! fragrant or scented from soap beautiful, by sculptory graceful handiwork, to be similar to nature and unique small size from mango wood packaging. A retail price
150 Bath.(4 us$) for suvenior.

Other Products

Carving  Mirror Frame 

Painting Frame

Colour Painted Frame

 4*6, 5*7,
6*8, 8*10
Special Size
Many Design

Wholesale Antique Frame

Modern Frame

Antique Mirror Frame

Modern frame

Bird singing in garden scraps wood handicraft

slipper made from cotton,silk,ganjung filamen
Handbag Painting basketry work

Insects palm leaves Handicraft

Basketry worḱ

Beuty Frame


                                                        224/522 M.3 Sanpakwan,Hangdong
                                                               Chiangmai Thailandè 50230
     Tel/Mobile  :66-5343-6283,669-9536696,665-1125443                                                     
Fax :66-5343-6283

 Thank you for visit us
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